Tax Investigation

In a pursuit to enhance public revenue, HMRC has heightened its efforts to uncover fraud, evasion, and tax irregularities. Triggered by suspicions of inaccurate tax declarations or sudden financial changes, HMRC may initiate investigations or compliance checks. They hold the authority to inspect the books of any limited company at any time, irrespective of suspicion.

If chosen for an HMRC compliance check or currently under investigation, seeking expert assistance from Abraham Accountants during these challenging times can bring peace of mind, allowing you to focus on running your business. Specialized advice from those familiar with legislation and HMRC processes can significantly impact the outcome of the investigation.

Professional guidance from Abraham Accountants not only shields your business but also safeguards your personal position. A knowledgeable accountant can scrutinize your company’s books, identifying opportunities for potential liability mitigation.


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In the case of fines or disciplinary actions, there are appeal processes available, providing avenues to dispute outcomes directly with HMRC or external bodies, if necessary.

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